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The details are not the details, they make the design.


A web developer who loves what he does, adding value to companies of any size. From competitive research to interactive prototypes,building engaging and simple to-use user interfaces.

Grew up in Petrosani, a small mining town at the heart of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Love the outdoors, Romanian food, motion & web design, data analysis, and I am a big supporter of Liverpool FC in the English Premier League.

I have a beautiful wife, and two daughters, Mia and Nova.

Website Design

Structuring digital assets and putting the spotlight on your products and services.

Competitive research, customer research, classification +sorting, pen + paper,navigational components, data analysis.

Information Architecture comes to life on a high-fidelity prototype, that soon gets developed into a progressive web application, that is optimized for speed, people with disabilities, security and best standards.

Html/CSS/Javascript/NodeJs/NUXT SSR/Vue/progressive web applications/, low & high fidelity-prototyping, software and secure payment integration, dashboards.

Search Engine Optimization

Drive more  traffic and increase sales, incorporate high intent high-intent keywords into your campaigns.

Competitive research, technical SEO, algorithms, reporting, international SEO, ecommerce.

Motion & Graphic Design

“Our nature consists in motion; complete rest is death.” – Blaise Pascal

Motion helps your visitors get past the above-the-fold area, increasing engagement with your website using light, colors, shapes, illustrations, directional cues and beautiful vector graphics for the web.

Web animations, vector graphics, branding, typography.

Conversion Optimization

Make small changes that have a big impact on your advertising efforts.

Numbers and stats aren’t enough. Your landing pages have to make great first impressions, and SEO is only responsible for bringing traffic to your website; from there you should have a clear path for your visitors to follow.

setup, kpis, a/b & mvt testing, information architecture.

web analytics

Turn data into actionable insights matching your goals.

Helpful to track my work performance, measure conversions for your products, identify new advertising channels, examine server performance, paths your visitors are taking, see performance of your paid advertising campaigns, etc.

conversion setup+tracking, reporting, segmentation, funnel analysis, custom dashboards, apis.

Websites should have pleasing aesthetics; but most importantly, websites should be easy to use, fast, secure, relevant and increase sales.

I look at what everyone else is doing and strive to do something completely new, building lightweight and high-quality interfaces that make brands memorable.

Open to new clients, freelance work and contracts.

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